I am a proud native of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.  I was fortunate to grow up before the age of pervasive electronic amusement. My imagination was my entertainment and I was endlessly fascinated by nature. When I was six my archeologist parents bought a beautiful piece of land outside the high-desert village of Placitas to preserve the ancient Native American sites on it. The land was an open-air classroom. My parents taught my brother and me about the ingenuity of those ancient cultures, proper archeological excavation techniques, fossil identification and soil erosion mediation. I now live on this beautiful piece of land and consider stewardship of it a sacred responsibility. .

Growing up in nature as what is now called a “free-range child” I spent many hours exploring this high desert landscape by myself, catching lizards, orchestrating water spider “rodeos” in the Las Huertas creek, watching the birds and simply observing with fascination everything around me. This love of nature would later translate to a life-long love of science when the Gilbert microscope I received at age nine for Christmas would become my favorite “toy,” a portal to the previously invisible worlds within the visible.

As an adult I have travelled the world, including a solo adventure to England and Germany with my seven-month old son. At age 56 I climbed to the summit and down Huayna Picchu in Peru, named Number Two of the 20 Most Dangerous Hikes in the World by Outside magazine. I’ve toured the U.S. in a Peterbilt tractor trailer following rock bands.

I have been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to work for the company that developed the first personal computer, the Altair, and to work with Paul Allen and Bill Gates. I was a volunteer research subject in ground breaking consciousness research at the University of New Mexico and I’m one of the interviewees in the film Spirit Molecule. However, my greatest accomplishment is raising three children to be creative, productive, responsible adults.

The child in me still enjoys collecting weird sticks and catch-and-release rock hunting; my adult side enjoys photography, painting in water color and acrylics and “arting up” old furniture. I look for adventure towing my 1972 Airstream with my bad-ass Ford F-250, Ruby.

Contact me at startree@swcp.com

Near Monument Valley