I am the Swiss Army knife of writers. With a depth of experience ranging from highly technical biotech and scientific writing, complex software documentation, to fluffy ad copy I have the versatility to tackle any project. In addition I have dig deep, how-did-she-find-that? research skills. I hit the ground running on new projects and require no hand-holding or subject matter tutoring. Clear, concise, credible and compelling writing is my mantra whether I’m creating new content or untangling and clarifying the content of others. My favorite projects are geek-to-English translation where I can transform highly-technical or jargon-infested documents into easy and fascinating reading for a lay audience. 

Until recently I was employed as a technical writer by the Intellicyt division of Sartorious, a company that develops cytometric tools for immunology researchers.  Biotech writing is by far my favorite and I enjoyed working closely with scientists on white papers, assay kit manuals and articles. I developed an interactive HTML5 knowledge base in the Flare authoring tool documenting the complex software that drives the cytometer and generates analytic output. 

As an artist I have skills for representing information in a compelling visual format in both print and video. In fact, I have won numerous awards for scientific videos, including first place awards at the prestigious New York Film and Video Festival. Scripting scientific videos also requires excellent interview skills and I can coax information from even the most recalcitrant subject matter expert. 

Look over my resume, awards, client list and portfolio and then let’s discuss your communication goals and how I can apply my experience and passion to your project.