In a time of tweet-length attention spans for written content, video is emerging as the dominant communication tool. But not just any video—compelling video that engages the viewer in a story.

For more than 20 years I’ve developed compelling story-driven video scripts on broad range of scientific and technical subjects including nanotechnology, renewable energy, robotics, high performance computing and nuclear physics and customer testimonial videos. Source material for these projects has been white papers, PowerPoint presentations, interviews with subject matter experts, my own research, and even scientists’ handwritten notes. Audiences varied from young children at “Bring Your Child to Work” events to scientists and subject matter experts.  Because many of the videos I scripted for Sandia National Laboratories were for Official Use Only I can only include videos Sandia has on their YouTube channel.

The following video for Sandia National Laboratories Robotic Vehicle Range was a great project because the client allowed me to take a creative and quirky approach to the story.

Augmented Reality for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) – Umbra Simulation Framework. This was an exciting project because it was way out of my comfort zone and the client’s primary goal was,  “this must sound like it was written by a combat specialist.” I researched the lingo of Close Quarters Battle by watching many hours of YouTube videos to understand the terms and even speech cadence. I got to put on the gear, participate in the training, and shoot the gun.

The next video is a customer testimonial video for Intellicyt’s cytometer and analytic software. It involved going to The Netherlands to interview the scientist and lining up a contract video crew.

The following two videos were done for Cray to promote their new Jaguar supercomputer. They have a very corporate approach.

Some of the video topics at Sandia were a creative challenge to make compelling such as a tactical hybrid simulation engine and framework that can integrate physical, cyber, and behavioral elements at variable fidelity in a 3D environment. See what you think…

Here’s another example of a creative twist to bring a topic that might be boring–simulation software–to life. I worked with the voice talent to get just the right inflections and drama to the narration.

The following video about a joint venture between Sandia National Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory was particularly challenging because there were multiple stakeholders and storylines to integrate into one cohesive video.

This short video highlights Sandia National Laboratories High Performance Computing capabilities. After interviewing various subject matter experts, I decided to focus on Sandia’s role in the response to the Ebola crisis rather than more weapons-focused activities. I worked with the producer to find appropriate background footage to tell the story.